50 Frugal Living Tips

Are you looking for ways on how to save money?  

Spending less and saving more is one step towards becoming financially independent. 

One key on how to save more and spend less is to practice consistency and with the help of the frugal living tips below.

In this post, I round up the top 50 frugal living tips to save more money and be financially fit. Don't forget to comment below any additional frugal living tips that might be helpful to anyone who wants to live frugally.

Top 50 Frugal Living Tips

1. Create an ideal budget plan and stick to it.
2. Drink water instead of sodas and juices.
3. Avoid impulsive purchases.
4. Learn to lower your bills.
5. Practice paying in cash.
6. Buy things in bulk/wholesale.
7. Cancel cable subscription.
8. Learn to grow your own food.
9. Compare phone plans and choose the best one that fits your needs.
10. Always stay fit and healthy.
11. Cancel gym membership.
12. Take advantage of the coupons.
13. Consider repairing items than replacing it.
14. Cook your own food.
15. Taking public transportation.
16. Visit and shop at thrift shops.
17. Enjoy staying at home.
18. Practice Do It Yourself (DIY).
19. Buy second hand clothes and other items.
20. Always turn off lights when not in use.
21. Go to prepaid cell service.
22. Collect all your excess coins.
23. Sell items that you don't use.
24. Ditch expensive cleaning items and replace it with vinegar, water and baking soda mixture.
25. Create weekly meal plan.
26. Practice using one car (for families).
27. Take advantage of sales and discounts.
28. Avoid expensive clothes just to impress other people.
29. Control impulsive online purchases.
30. Try going to library instead of buying new books.
31. Go biking instead of using car.
32. Practice walking when going to near places.
33. Always plan ahead (short term or long term).

Easy Ways To Side Hustle

The best ways to make money or extra money is to side hustle. Many are still having a hard time thinking on how can they make money easily. It is actually very easy to side hustle and generate extra income monthly or even weekly or daily basis. 

For those who are having a hard time making ends meet and making less money each paycheck, the best solution is to look for side hustle or gigs. You can do it during your free time or weekends. 

In this post, I round up the easy ways to side hustle. Comment below if you have any additional ways to side hustle.

5 Easy Ways To Side Hustle

1. Sell on Ebay 

Making money online is now very easy and attainable. Ebay is one of the best place to ear your first bucks. You can sell you unused things like clothes, books and ever your appliances. If you want a small business that you can run during office breaks then start reselling items. 

2. Do Paid Surveys

Taking surveys may not be the most exciting thing to do but you can make money from filling out online surveys. There are trusted sites or companies that pays for your participation on their survey.

3. Sell Photos 

Nowadays taking professional looking pictures is very handy with the help of high end smartphones like flagship smartphones from Apple and Samsung. If you have good eye and editing skills you may earn easy money from selling your photos. There are many legit paying sites you can start selling your photos. This is a good side hustle for teens.

4. Craigslist Gigs 

Research and be creative are some of the keys on how to ear extra money from side hustle. There are tons of available side hustle under the gigs section of the listing directory Craigslist from writing jobs, babysitting/nanny, home based customer support, virtual assistant and many more. One this is for sure you can make money from Craigslist.

Signs You Don't Make Enough Money

     Money makes the world go round. Money is a necessity which everyone needs to satisfy and enjoy life to its fullest. Money has a big role in our world, not entirely to bring us happiness but to support our daily lives. Many of us thinks that we are making decent amount of money which in fact a lot are still struggling each month. Maybe you're living beyond your means or not making enough money. I know there's a lot who are overspending without taking consideration of their budgets which results to a real trouble. Creating a budget and self  discipline can make a big change.

Here are signs that you aren't making enough money :

1.You Can't Cover Your Bills - If you are having a hard time each month choosing which bills to pay, then its a sign that you are not making enough money. If you are in this kind of situation its a must to instantly make necessary actions to overcome it as soon as possible. Having numerous bills only means that you are spending too much or having a lot of unnecessary expenses.
Eliminate those that are not really needed and just focus to those that are really important.

2. You Don't Have a Retirement Fund - Saving money is a must have in everyone's financial goal especially a fund for retirement. It's essential to plan and save for our future to have a satisfying retirement and allow us to enjoy our life after working hard. Of course, we want to retire when we still have energy to travel and do other activities. The earlier the better as long as your retirement fund is enough to cover all the future expenses.

3. You Are Not Reaching Your Financial Goals - We have short-term and long-term financial goals. Let's talk about the short-term ones, if you are struggling to meet your short-terms goals like paying a small debt for a month or two then it's a sign that you're probably not making enough money.

4. You Are Always Worried About Money - If you're worrying about money almost each night than other things then it might be a sign that you're not making enough money. Instead of worrying about it just focus on how you can make more money like finding another source of income or a business opportunity.

5. There's Nothing Else to Cut - Budget is one important key in achieving financial goals.There are some point that we are really trying to find something to cut in our monthly budget but unfortunately when you can't find anything else to cut, then you are likely not making enough money.

5 Easy Ways to Pay Off Debt Fast

Do you have debt? How big is your debt? Sometimes, we can't avoid having debt due to our unlimited needs.Having a debt is so stressful, there are times that you can't even sleep well, thinking how to pay off your debt. Everyday there are a lot who are struggling paying off their debts.

To help you pay off your debt fast, I round up the 5 best and easy ways to pay off debt fast?


5 Best Ways to Pay Off Debt Fast

1. Create a Budget - In terms of personal finance, creating a budget is one of the fundamental things to learn and consider, since, it has great impact in changing your personal finance game. You should create a realistic budget and stick to it. Don't just create a budget but rather stick to it because a budget is useless if you don't follow it. In paying off debt, you must include to your budget a portion intended for paying off your debt. To pay off debt fast it is advisable to try paying more than the minimum. Paying more than the minimum means faster settlement of debt.

2. Organize Your Debt - After you created the budget, it's time to organize all your debts, if you have multiple debts which most of us have. There are two popular methods you can use, the first one is by listing all your debts from the smallest to the largest regardless of the interest rate. The second method is called laddering. In this method, you list all your debts from the highest interest rate to the debt with the lowest interest rate. Either of the two will work, try if what method will work for you.

3. One Debt at a Time - If you are done organizing all your debts, the next tip to pay off your debt fast is to focus on paying one debt at a time, pay first the first one on your list. It will be a motivation if you already pay off one of your debts and proceed to the next one as you can see the progress. Don't pay the extra cash you have to other debts while you are still working on one debt since it is hard to notice the progress if you spread out the payment of your debts.
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