5 Easy Ways to Save for Your Summer Vacation

     One of the seasons I am looking forward to is summer. Most of the people I guess are excited when summer is just few months away. I consider summer vacation a good add on my to-do-list every year. It's a chance to escape from day life and a great time to relax and unwind. There are tons of activities to do but still traveling is the top most as it gives a different kind of adventure and experience. However, vacation is pretty much expensive and can break your bank account.  

Here are easy ways to save for your dream summer vacation :

1. Plan Ahead- First thing first, plan ahead of time. Planning always goes first in-order to
minimize possible problems/conflicts and fix it as soon as it arise. A year or few months of planning is highly recommend. One of the biggest consideration in planning a vacation is the budget, know how many percentage of your income will be allocated to cover all the possible expenses. Identify all possible places or activities that will best suit your budget as well as your interests.

2. Take Advantage of Discounts & Deals -There are a lot of sites where you can find great deals and discounts that can really maximize your savings. Choose a deal that offer meals and other options so you don't need to spend more,  knowing the fact that sometimes food and other activities are pricey on those attraction sites.

3. Bring Friends or Family Members- Usually bigger groups saves more than traveling alone. You can also get an additional discount on lodging, foods, transportation and other services. Aside from bigger savings traveling with friends or family will be more fun and merrier.

4. Sacrifice Small Stuffs- I think this time it will be easier to sacrifice those small stuffs or expenses to save for your dream summer vacation. For instance, if you're drinking coffee twice a day you can make it one cup a day. In the long run say example a year can accumulate a reasonable amount of money that you can add to your budget.

5. Create a Separate Savings Account and Automate -Open a new savings account just intended for travels and vacations. Allocate a certain portion of your paycheck, it can be bi-weekly or monthly. TIP: Find a bank that offers an automation. Automating your savings will help you reaching your target goal and lessen the hassle of going to the bank as well as failure to deposit. 

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