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Bank 4 you – prepaid card from UK in 10 days

 Bank 4 you – prepaid card from UK in 10 days
The student flow from the Philippines to Europe and the United Kingdom is constantly growing, and this attracts attention of many European companies. Recently the UK-based company Bank4You entered the Philippines market. This company was established in London in 2014 as a fintech company.  B4U has already taken part in different fintech conferences and events in Europe, and only now, in 2016, it reached Asia. 
B4U is now known only for one product – B4U Student card. This product is a special VISA card, issued by the “Royal Bank of Scotland”. The key benefits of this card are the low rates, simplicity of loading the card and easy to complete order procedure. This card can be ordered online at, and it will be delivered from the UK within 10 days.  

CEO of the B4U Card Solution (start-up), Adam Lane remarked: “Youth at the Philippines is notable for its ambitions and sense of purpose, and the Bank4You solutions are developed for exactly such people. ”

How To Open a BPI Direct Save-Up Account

     Simply your life by automating your finances. You can save time by automating your savings, instead of spending your time going to banks and manually transferring funds better spend it on other productive things. Saving is really important specially when unexpected events happen, you can use it to cover all the expenses incurred. In my case, my savings save us from bad debt when our family experienced an emergency, during that time I realize the importance of saving.

What is BPI Direct Save Up Automatic Savings Account + Insurance ?

              BPI Direct Save-Up is a special product offered by BPI to help automating your savings. It allows you to automatically transfer money from you existing BPI savings account. You can set a regular time on when to transfer your money it can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Today, I will share how to open a BPI direct save up account.

How to Start Saving Money ?

     Do you save?  It's not a new question to us. We actually tired of hearing it and its importance from our collegues, friends, parents, on television, radio and even in social media. Many survey shows that one out of three is saving.Though we constantly ask and educate how important to save, many people are still not saving maybe they don't how and where to start. I will share my motivation on how I started saving.

Here's my list on how to start saving:

1. Create Short Term Goal. This is the very basic way on how to motivate yourself to start saving money, goals can either be a short term or long term. I suggest to start on a short term goal for you to immediately know the power of saving. My first short term goal is to buy a decent camera which cost $900, a bit expensive. I am a college student by that time, knowing how expensive to study in a university its quite hard to save but with concrete goal you can make it.

Automate your Savings: Open a BPI Direct Save Up + Insurance

     There are tons of savings account product offered by different banks, it's a bit hard to choose if were are we going to put our hard earned money. It's vital  that we are aware of the cons and pros of each products before applying or opening an account. There are several factors to consider that will suits our needs when it comes to savings.  To some a certain product will work but for others maybe in reverse.

     Recently, I am actually having a hard time managing my finances specially making it a habit on putting a portion of my salary to my savings account. I've done a thorough research on how to automate my savings and I found this BPI Direct Save Up + Insurance which I think very attractive because its not just you're saving but with a bonus of having an insurance, it's like hitting two birds with one stone.

  BPI Direct Save Up + Insurance is a BPI product which allows you to automatically deducts money from your payroll or personal savings account. It's your decision if how much you want to transfer (minimum of P250) on a regular basis, you can schedule it weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

How to Open/Apply for a BPI Savings Bank Account ?

    Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) is the oldest bank in the Philippines, established in 1851. It is considered as one of the most stable and safe place to put your hard earned money.There are numerous banks now but still BPI is one of the leading and trusted bank. It already gain credibility through the years.

          In choosing at where to open a savings account, I think BPI must be on your top pick. Personally I have a great experience with BPI specially when it comes to customer support . Today, I will show you the procedure on how to apply or open a BPI savings account.

Here are the requirements and step-by-step process in opening or applying for a BPI Savings Account(ATM & Passbook Account):

Why you need an Emergency Fund ?

    In life we don't know what will happen next so its very crucial that we're ready for any unexpected event that will come. There are several times in our lives that emergency arises and we don't know how to deal with it, when this kind of situation occur we must have backup to support us.

What is an emergency fund?

            Emergency fund is a set aside money intended to use when unexpected situation come up like illness, job loss, car repairs and other expenses that really need to be settled. You must have easy access on your emergency fund, it's a must to consider putting it in a place where you can quickly pull your money like savings account though it offers a very low interest rate.

Opening a BDO Savings Account (ATM and Passbook)

     Banco de Oro or BDO Unibank Inc. is one of the largest and trusted banks in the Philippines with several branches nationwide. It's very accessible knowing that almost every mall has BDO and thru the years BDO already received several awards and recognitions that builds their credibility. If you want your money to put in a safe and secure place, its a good idea to open or apply for a BDO savings account.
            BDO is not actually my first bank to open an account. I find several good reasons to open a savings account with them like extended banking hours, open even Saturdays, numerous ATM machines and branches and most specially they have online banking for easy access to your account anytime. The bad side is the long lines when making transactions and poor customer service unlike the other big banks.
            It's very easy to open a BDO savings account. On my experienced I just finished it almost two hours though I need to comeback after a week to get my ATM card. 

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