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Pocket Money or a Long Term Investment?

Wise approach to personal finances can drastically increase your savings. Since we are living in the age of fast internet and mobile apps, we can upgrade our finance tracking with some of the most advanced financial software, and figure out great ways to earn and save more funds. In this article we will give you a few great tips on how to bring your personal finances in order. 

1. Use personal finance tools
Running personal finances became much less complicated, since the introduction of personal finance tools, like Mint or GnuCash. With these mobile apps people can easily track all of their spendings and earnings.  They connect to bank, credit card, retirement and investment accounts and record all transactions. In addition to that, most of these tools come with bar code readers that can be used for recording cash purchases.
Users have the ability to create monthly, daily and weekly spending plans, and apps give them warnings if they overspend. With all these advanced goal-setting features, users are able to determine exactly where their money goes and to improve their spending, so they can put more money on their savings, 401(k) or investment accounts.
2. Become a freelancer
Digital age allows us to monetize all skills that we have. Anybody can be a freelancer, and more than one third of American workforce is already doing freelance gigs. You can find work on websites like and, which cover wide selection of niches from graphic design and content creation to different fields of engineering and marketing. Of course not all freelancers use this concept for getting an additional income, there are plenty of people who do this as a main job. This type of engagement can also be very rewarding, but it requires much more effort and expertise.

Why you should Invest for Long Term?

What Is Long-Term Investing ?

              Long-term investing from the word itself is a kind of investment when a person decides to set aside his money for long term goals. Long term investing is riskier than short term but when it comes to return on investment (ROI) long term investment is substantially higher.

How to Open an Account with COL Financial ?

    There's a lot of ways on how we can save or invest, it can be through banks, mutual funds or stock market. Many of young one's today are not yet interested on building their wealth and insuring their future because there are still a lot of things to consider first while still young like buying the new release gadgets and following the latest fashion trends. I believe that it's a smart move to start investing at a young age, I started investing into stock market when I was 20 which I believe a good age to invest to have enough time to learn all the fundamentals of investing.

I really have no idea on where to put my hard-earned money whether to a mutual fund or stock market. It took me a year to open an account to Col Financial which is one of the best stock broker in the Philippines
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