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Best Ways to Save Money In terms of Car Insurance for Young Driver

Van insurance is always expensive. If the driver supposed to drive the van, be it for business or personal reasons, then the insurance premium need to be given becomes more costly. The risk coverage offered by insurance policy can be very helpful no doubt, but ways have to be found to lessen the monthly premium amount or it will be hostile to young driver’s pockets. Young Driver Car Insurance will be discussed here and some vital tips on how young drivers can minimize the premium amount so that some savings could be done by them will be discussed.
It is good to know that there are 3 types of car insurance available that are third party only, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive. It is considered that for young drivers it is better to go for third party insurance as it is the cheapest because it offers lesser number of covers. Adding a second driver to your insurance policy can tactfully help you to cut down the insurance premium to certain extent.
The young driver can add name of a family member as 2nd driver or 3rd driver who is of much lower risk like an aged uncle. This will minimize the average risk which will then be instrumental in getting a cheaper policy. Age, experience and driving history can help considerably in lowering the average risk so that money can be saved by young drivers. 

Put forward names of those in your family who can drive really well and has good driving history. However please take note of this warning that never ever add name of anyone else as main driver onto your insurance policy who will not be actually driving the car. You might be thinking that as you are young then you can give your experienced driver mother’s name to save money on insurance premium but actually you will be driving the car. On doing so you will be bound to face criminal conviction and your insurance will probably get invalid.

5 Great Apps to Track Your Budget

One cannot remedy his expenses if he does not have a clear idea of where his money goes. Some people try to remember their expenses through sheer memory and others use pen and paper to list down their finances. Different methods work for different people and through the rise of smartphone usage, budgeting mobile apps are now available to help consumers track where their money goes.
That includes these apps that take the pain out of manual expense reports, do the calculating for us, and make personal finance organization a fun hobby for everyone.
All you have to do is download any of these (or all of them), start tapping, and save away.

5 Great Apps to Track Your Budget

Who needs a personal accountant if you have Expensify? This popular app categorizes, tags and groups expenses into a report, which you can also save as PDF, for easy report submission. It has SmartScan technology that automatically reads receipt details for you, bank and credit card import that automatically pulls your transactions into your account, free flight alerts plus automatic expense report based on itinerary, and more cool features get rid of any manual entry, saving you a lot of time and energy.
Availability: iOS and Android
This lifestyle app treats expenses as experiences. Wherever you go, Wally finds you and keeps track of your money through its GPS integration that when your location services are on, it will automatically categorize and identify the venue of spending. You will definitely have fun putting and increasing your savings aside as Wally’s smart notifications remind you of what’s important whether you have an obligation to settle, or you’ve reached your money goals.
Availability: iOS and Android

Ways to Earn Extra Money at the Office

A lot of us wanted to have additional income or extra money while in the office. Besides from monitoring and cutting expenses, the best way to increase extra cash is to have sideline jobs. If you are born as business minded person you can surely find ways to to improve your cash flow and always in your mind that business opportunities are everywhere. Use your creativity, resources and talents. 

In this post, I rounded up the ways to earn extra money at the office.

Effective Ways to Save Money As a Student

One of the primary problems every student encounters is having insufficient money that results to typical scenario of begging money from their beloved parents. If you find yourself in the same situation then you should read this post and try all the effective ways on how to save money as a student. This can be apply to primary, high school and specially for the college students. 

Effective Ways On How to Save Money As a Student

1. Bring Your Own Food - If you have the time to cook or your parents then why not just bring your own food rather than buying at school canteen which is more expensive. I observed that foods from canteens are a bit expensive compared to other stores specially in the grade school or high school whereas some school prohibit their students of going out.

2. Water Instead of Soft-drinks and Juice Drinks - If you're a juice drink or soft-drink lover then try to discipline yourself and buy drinking water instead. Aside from water is cheaper it is also healthier compared to soft-drinks and juice drinks. 

Bank 4 you – prepaid card from UK in 10 days

 Bank 4 you – prepaid card from UK in 10 days
The student flow from the Philippines to Europe and the United Kingdom is constantly growing, and this attracts attention of many European companies. Recently the UK-based company Bank4You entered the Philippines market. This company was established in London in 2014 as a fintech company.  B4U has already taken part in different fintech conferences and events in Europe, and only now, in 2016, it reached Asia. 
B4U is now known only for one product – B4U Student card. This product is a special VISA card, issued by the “Royal Bank of Scotland”. The key benefits of this card are the low rates, simplicity of loading the card and easy to complete order procedure. This card can be ordered online at, and it will be delivered from the UK within 10 days.  

CEO of the B4U Card Solution (start-up), Adam Lane remarked: “Youth at the Philippines is notable for its ambitions and sense of purpose, and the Bank4You solutions are developed for exactly such people. ”

Ways How To Make Money Online Without Any Investment

       Almost everyone knows how internet works and how powerful it is. We spent several minutes or even hours online doing random things like reading newsworthy articles, watching movies, online gaming, social media etc. I believe it is more productive to spend our time making money online rather than spending a lot of it by gaming or watching tons of videos. There are several ways we can earn or make money online without any investment. I know you already heard some of it, so, how do you earn or make money online without any investment? Today, I listed some of the proven ways on how to start making money online from zero dollar, you just need combination of time, effort and dedication.


Ways How to Earn or Make Money Online Without Investment:

1. Make Money Online by Online Surveys

You can easily earn money online just by answering survey questions. There are several paid online superpay, cashcrate, rewardingways and inboxdollars. There are just two or more steps to start answering survey questions and all you need to do is check your email often to see if there are available survey questions for you.
survey sites to make money like

2. Sell Stuff Online (and Make the Most Money)

I know you've already heard it couple of times that you can really earn money online just by selling your things, it is smarter way to sell those things that you are no longer using than throwing it away. You can sell your things on platforms like eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, or thru social media like Facebook and Instagram.

5 Easy Ways to Save for Your Summer Vacation

     One of the seasons I am looking forward to is summer. Most of the people I guess are excited when summer is just few months away. I consider summer vacation a good add on my to-do-list every year. It's a chance to escape from day life and a great time to relax and unwind. There are tons of activities to do but still traveling is the top most as it gives a different kind of adventure and experience. However, vacation is pretty much expensive and can break your bank account.  

Here are easy ways to save for your dream summer vacation :

1. Plan Ahead- First thing first, plan ahead of time. Planning always goes first in-order to minimize possible problems/conflicts and fix it as soon as it arise. A year or few months of planning is highly recommend. One of the biggest consideration in planning a vacation is the budget, know how many percentage of your income will be allocated to cover all the possible expenses. Identify all possible places or activities that will best suit your budget as well as your interests.

2. Take Advantage of Discounts & Deals -There are a lot of sites where you can find great deals and discounts that can really maximize your savings. Choose a deal that offer meals and other options so you don't need to spend more,  knowing the fact that sometimes food and other activities are pricey on those attraction sites.

Ways To Develop Money Savings Habits

     Creating or making a habit or in short being consistent is a hard thing to do but considering all the benefits of it is life changing. Everyone of us has our own personal habits that allows us to feel better each day. One of the hardest thing to do is to save money regularly so I admire all those who had great success when it comes to savings. I tried it many times to start saving money but turns out to do it inconsistently so I need to adapt some techniques to make it easier. 

Here are some of the steps to develop money savings habit:

Set Goals

In everything we do we must have specific goals for us to be more motivated and hungry to achieve those goals. Setting goal is the first thing you need to consider if you wanted to save money. Start from the short term ones before hitting the long terms for you to easily know how powerful and benefiting saving is. This will be the starting point of becoming very focus and serious on achieving your financial goals.

5 Simple Tips to Avoid Overspending !

     One of the roadblocks to our financial success is overspending. Many of us can relate to this, once in your life or even until now you're still spending too much which results to regrets but sometimes we never learned from our mistakes and still repeating it. 

      In the present, overspending is widespread because of the wide range of things to do with your money. You can easily spend your money in just one click of your mouse, the rise of online stores make it easier for us to purchase anything. I sometimes doing it because of the great influence of social media and great marketing effort I make impulse purchasing but when the product arrive I feel disappointed to myself  as I really don't need it. Same case when going to the malls, when I come home and check my purchases I realized I bought something I don't need. Many times I am still in the same situation spending too much to things that don't really matter.

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