Create Your Financial Bucket List

    I know that everyone has their own bucket list specially when another year folds. A bucket list of dreams, goals, feelings, thoughts and visions. A financial bucket list focuses on money matters like saving for your dream travel vacation or earlyretirement. Which of these are on your list? 

1. Become a Millionaire - It's everyone's big dream to become a millionaire. There's several possible ways on how you can achieve this wild dream, you can start investing into stock market. The earlier you start to invest the more likely you will become a millionaire in couple of years. Start your own business, why not start producing additional income out of your passion or hobby. If lucky enough, you can play lottery and become an instant millionaire.

Create Your Financial Bucket List2. Start Saving Money - The foundation of financial success is by saving money. There are tons of tips and tricks available for free online on how to start and improve yoursaving habits so it's a great idea to educate yourself in terms of personal finances. Start from small and make it as your habit to save to achieve your financial goals.
3. Grow an Emergency Fund - You should expect the unexpected ! An emergency fund is an accessible money that you have set aside to cover any unexpected expenses that may occur. A fund that you will only use in case of emergency. Ideally, emergency fund can be equal to your six months salary.

4. Pay off Debts and be Debt Free - Before planning your retirement and spending a lot we must prioritize on paying off all our debts, start from those with high interest rates before paying those with low interest rates. It's way better to live a life without debt and just focusing on building your wealth.

5. Early and Comfortable Retirement - Are you planning to retire early? Are you worried of retiring uncomfortably? I think it's time now to add this on your financial bucket list. Many says that it's important to focus on today, but its more essential to be prepare about the future. Time flies really fast and maybe one day you will just open your eyes a year before your ideal retirement and still financially unsecured. You can start now investing into stocks, mutual funds or trust funds.

Photo Courtesy : David