How to Open an Account with COL Financial ?

    There's a lot of ways on how we can save or invest, it can be through banks, mutual funds or stock market. Many of young one's today are not yet interested on building their wealth and insuring their future because there are still a lot of things to consider first while still young like buying the new release gadgets and following the latest fashion trends. I believe that it's a smart move to start investing at a young age, I started investing into stock market when I was 20 which I believe a good age to invest to have enough time to learn all the fundamentals of investing.

I really have no idea on where to put my hard-earned money whether to a mutual fund or stock market. It took me a year to open an account to Col Financial which is one of the best stock broker in the Philippines

Here are the steps on how to open a Col Financial account :

1. Go to and choose what account type you prefer.
 How to Open an Account with COL Financial ?
  • In starting your stock market journey with Col Financial you must first consider on what type you will choose. As a beginner I choose the starter account, if you are also a beginner I highly suggest to open the same. Stock market needs time and knowledge to succeed !
2. Download and fill out the application forms or you can just fill out the Customer Account Information Form and print for the specimen signature.

Note: Use the latest Application Forms issued in December 21, 2014, older application forms issued before this date will no longer be accepted.

You need the following forms:

                                a. Customer Account Information Form (CAIF)
                                b. Online Securities Trading Agreement
                                c. Specimen Signature Card

3. Prepare the additional requirements.
 How to Open an Account with COL Financial ?
         a. Accepted ID's are the following :

                                - Passport
                                - Philippines Driver's License
                                - SSS ID ( 1999 Credit Card type ONLY)
                                - Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)
                                - Comelec Voter's ID

         b. Billing Statement/ Bank Statement - recent, no more than three (3) months past.

4. Submit all the requirements to Col Financial.
                                Complete Address below:

                            2403- B East Tower, PSE Centre
                            Exchange Road, Ortigas Center,
                              Pasig City, Philippines 1605
Ways to send your forms:

         a. Go personally to Col Financial Office if you're near or have time to visit their office,
         b. Scan the necessary documents and email them,
         c. Ask for Col Financial assistance and request one their messenger to pick your documents from your office (if within NCR), or
         d. Send via courier

If you are approved you will receive an email conformation containing your Col Financial account number. Your account number will serve as one of the log-in requirements for your Col Financial account online.

5. Fund your Account.

        a. The most convenient and easiest way is paying online through BPI, BDO or Metrobank.
        TUTORIAL : How to fund Col Financial Account via BPI Express Online?
        b. If you don't have online banking you can do it over the counter.
        c. For overseas, thru iRemit.