Making Money through Writing: Approved Places

Now is a tough time for many folks out there who are out of work. These days there have been thousands or even millions of people competing to land a job. Perhaps you are one of them. You might have the need to make a little extra cash to supplement your income to fend for yourself. People are concerned about variety of things. Some look for income to pay their bills while some may be looking for extra money to be able to buy something they want.

Either you want to make some extra money or earn a full-time job big opportunities await you online especially in the field of writing.
Here’s the news for people like you. Anywhere in the world you might be you can make money out of your passion in writing with the help of the web. Working online is a dream comes true for a number of reasons. One of the reasons why jobseekers haves been abuzz about online job is that you can in work in your pajamas. It means that you can work from home.
You could imagine what advantages working at the comfort of your home could bring to you. Aside from the fact that you can work anywhere you like and you get paid in dollars you’ll also save a lot of money from buying new clothes, meals and transportations and other daily expenses you would have to face when you have to physically go to office. Above all, you get an opportunity to explore various subjects and improve your skills further. You do not just earn, you also learn.
Needless to say there are so many more benefits to working online. If you are thinking about getting writing stint online you might want to consider checking the following sites to find a job. 


There is always a high demand for awesome blog pieces but the challenge is in the search for the high-paying writing jobs that’s worth the service. Here are several sites:
  1. WOW! Women in Writing
    Making Money through Writing: Approved Places
- The site is an advocate of women empowerment. It is a global magazine that features stories written by women of course. It promotes writing skills enhancement among women.
2. College Humor
- It publishes various forms of content such as video, pictures and articles. It also posts jokes.
3. Top Tenz
- A site that tackles various topics related to Lifestyle, Entertainment, Travel, Science, Technology and so on.
- The site is banking on its long history in freelance writing job offer. It has been going on since 1997. No doubt, it is one of the most reliable sites.
       - The site offers different writing services like how to write a blog, or as the name of the site suggests essays. It is one of the leading sites in the industry.
       6. Matador
       - It is considered largest publishing site about travel blogs. It generated millions of leads for customers looking travel guides.
       7. The Daily Heckle
        - Where writers can earn money through sharing their opinions. The amount you can possibly earn will be based on the popularity of your posts.
        8. The Dollar Stretcher
         - Deals with posts that provide insights on how to save time and money. You can post your personal point-of-view and get paid for it.
        9. Viator Travel Blog
        - This is where stuff like travel guides, tips on next trip and list of best places around the world are found. As freelancer, you will make reviews about particular tourist spot or make a blog post about making the most of the trip.
         10. TheExpeditioner
       - A travel site. If you are a frequent traveler this is your chance to share your experience and earn money.

Article Writing

- caters to clients who are either posting a job or those who look for a job. Jobs posted in this site vary widely. Writers are one of the most in-demand at Elance.
- Formerly, Upwork has calibrated its services. If you are looking for writing jobs, this is the right place to be. It is where you find various writing services offer. You can write for different and prominent companies. Common jobs posted include Article writing, book writing, SEO writing, Web Content, etc.
- Just like Elance and Upwork, publishes job offers for those who want to work as freelancers.
  1. Reverb Press
- Publishes articles about Politics, Justice, News, and Business among others. The content of the site is contributed by freelancers around the world.
       5. BootsnAll
- Inspirational contents to get you motivated in daily basis are found in this site.
       6. Scary Mommy
              - A parenting website that publishes resources to help struggling parents.
        7. The Sun Magazine
- A magazine that explores human interest stories.
        8. Grasslimb
- A literary journal that seeks poetry and prose work of arts.
        9. Vela Magazine
- Publishes women-written nonfiction.
       10. Make Tech Easier
- Home for computer-related resources. It publishes how-to articles and tips on how to fix various computer glitches.

Web Content

1. InstantShift
- An online community for web developers and designers. Freelancers are very welcome to add up to the pool of writers for the site. You will write articles about website development for clients all over the world.
2. SpyreStudios
- An online magazine that deals with website development. If you are a tech-savvy person this is your chance to produce high-quality articles about websites.
3. Smashing Magazine
- Millions of web designers and developers visit the site. They look for resources that can enhance their practices. If you love writing and if you have prior knowledge about websites then you can become a good resource for them.
4. Crazyleaf Design
- The company offers web design and programming services. It is a website builder firm. As a writer what you will do is to produce articles that describe the nature of the business and what it can offer to its customers.
5. Photoshop Tutorials
- For people who have knowledge about Photoshop, this is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and get paid in return.
6. AppStorm
- In a world of apps, those who have the technical know-how are in great demand in the market. This site provides articles related to apps and if you have the writing skills then you’re into this multi-billion industry.
7. A List Apart
-It focuses on best web practices and web standards.
8. Site Point
- It provides web-related contents.
9. UX Booth
- In pursuit of making web experience better, the site hires freelance writers who have sufficient skills to make quality work.
- Where business owners create website for their business. For your part as freelance writer, you will make articles about the services of the site.
The World Wide Web is going to exist for the rest of your life so you might as well make the best out of it. This is the perfect time to start a writing business while enjoying the comfort of your home. Making online writing your living is perhaps one of the most precious benefits of Internet.
What are you waiting for? Show to the world what you’ve got and become the best writer that you can be.

Author: Kenneth Waldman is a freelance writer and content creator. He draws his inspiration out of the traveling. Get in touch with him on Linkedin.