Best Ways to Save Money During the Holiday Season

Holiday season is a time to have fun and celebrate but sometimes an ache to our pockets. It can also be a time to save BIG. In this post, I round up the 11 Best Ways to Save Money During the Holiday Season.

Here are the 11 Best Ways to Save Money During the Holiday Season:

1. Set a Budget - It is always a wise move to set a budget to minimize overspending and avoid unnecessary purchases. By setting a budget you're in the right track in spending less and saving big.

2. Hit up Black Friday - One of the best ways to save big amount of money is to shop during Black Friday where there are bunch of sale items you can choose from and help you save big. You can start checking The Penny Hoarder Black Friday Deals. 

2. Stay with Friends and Family - If you are planning to travel try to contact your friends or any of your relatives in that area and ask them if you can stay with them so that you can cut the expenses for hotel accommodation or lodging as well as the foods and other stuff.

3. Take Advantage of Sales - Holiday is also a time were big sales are around the corner. You can save up-to 70% off on selected items during holiday season.Just be mindful when it comes to buying during sale because sometimes the item is not really on sale but instead they just put sale banner to attract more buyers.
Best Ways to Save Money During the Holiday Season

4. Do Your Research - Before buying a gift or any item make sure that you go through several stores to compare the prices. You also need to go through different online shopping sites to look for the best deal.

5. Share Hotel Rooms - During the Holiday Season, it's already a tradition for most of us to travel and the best way to save money when traveling is to share hotel rooms with your friends or family.

6. Avoid Impulse Purchase - As we know that Holiday Season is the time were big sales are around, it's a challenge to avoid impulse purchases. Create a list of all items you need to buy on the stores and go directly to the items you needed to avoid impulse buying.

7. Be Creative in Giving Gifts - I know that most of us has the sense of creativity why not use it when giving gifts. In gift giving it is more valuable when if it is unique, make from scrap materials and hand made than giving expensive items.

8. Send e-Cards - Instead of giving fancy gifts why not try to send e-Card to your love ones and friends. There are a lot of  FREE e-Cards available online.

9. Make More Money - The best way to save more is to do more. Take advantage of the holiday season to make more money like selling cakes and pastries. 

10. Make the Most of Your Credit Card- As you need to shop and book plane tickets, use your credit card and grab the opportunity to get those rewards and other perks offered by your credit card company.

11. Look for Plane Ticket Sales and Promos - Traveling should not actually be very expensive if you know how to look for the cheapest plane tickets and play the game you will surely save money. Most of the airlines offer big discounts during holiday season for the last seats. Remember to plan and book your flight ahead of time.