9 Ways How Savvy Shoppers Save Money

We always hear or read news on how someone can save lots of money by landing amazing deals regularly. But, have you ever wonder how these people done it and what’s their secret formula? We had interviewed dozens of shopping experts and below is a compilation of the strategies they used. Take action today and you realize you will be saving some bucks in no time.

#1 Follow brands on social media

In today’s digital world, retailers and brands leverage on the power of social media to reach connect with their customers. By following your favorite brands on social media like Facebook or Twitter, you get the first hand sale information or promotions from their marketing team.

#2 Reserve your money for annual special sales
If you are a savvy shopper, you will know that some sales and promotions occur annually. For example, the 11.11 Singles Day or Black Friday Sales. In countries like Singapore, there are even nationwide event like Great Singapore Sales. Knowing when to spend to maximise your savings is the most important trait of being a shopping expert. Why spend for a perfume when you can wait a few more days and get it for ?

#3 Join mailing lists

Almost all e-Commerce websites has a mailing list for customers to opt in. A savvy smart shopper will opt in to these mailing lists because they know they can get the first hand sales information. Well sometimes you can get 10% OFF by opting in to a mailing list too.

#4 Use coupons

Incorporate couponing into your shopping process. Before buying a item, always google and check online if there are any available coupon or promo codes that you use to get savings off your purchase. Sites like RetailMeNot, Groupon and Coupons Inc are great places to start looking for coupons.

#5 Always compare & research

Doing research is extremely important before you make any purchase. There may be other retail shops or online stores which are selling the same item at a lower price. You don’t to buy an item but later regret because you found another shop selling it cheaper. You can join crowd sourced savings platform or online shopping communities to get insights on on-going promotions and discounts. If you do not mind buying second hand items, why not try your luck at secondhand marketplaces like Ebay Valet.
9 Ways How Savvy Shoppers Save Money

#6 Public holidays & special day promotions

Almost 99% of the time, you can see retailers and brands launching promotions for special days or public holidays. These are the times where you should shop. For example, Father’s day promotions, Valentine’s day promotion and more. You get it now right? Timing matters too.

#7 Make use of credits cards

Credit cards can be a double edged sword. In order to fully maximise the benefits of credit cards, please note that you must always pay your bills in full every month and do not overspend. Banks often have great perks for their credit card holders with benefits like rebates, earning air mile-age or redeeming discounts. In other to maximise the rebates, savvy shoppers will use different credit cards for different purposes. For example, one credit card may have better rebates for travel, the other may have better rebates for grocery purchases.

#8 Buy gift cards

There are many websites that sell gift cards off the actual value. For example, you can possibly buy a 0 gift card for walmart for just . Using gift cards, you can save hundreds of dollars per year

#9 Ask for discounts

This may sounds crazy, but it is not. This works. Sometimes, you can get discounts by simply just asking for it. For example, retail shops like hair or beauty salon won’t mind giving you a discount to make you their loyal customers. Better still, tell them if they give you the discount, you will recommend them to your friends via a instagram post with a hashtag of their shop’s name.

Author: Derek is the co-founder of Juyyo, a crowdsourced savings platform in Singapore. He is passionate about helping people shop smarter and save money.