How to Start Saving Money ?

Do you save?  It's not a new question to us. We actually tired of hearing it and its importance from our collegues, friends, parents, on television, radio and even in social media. Many survey shows that one out of three is saving.Though we constantly ask and educate how important to save, many people are still not saving maybe they don't how and where to start. I will share my motivation on how I started saving.

Here's my list on how to start saving:

1. Create Short Term Goal. This is the very basic way on how to motivate yourself to start saving money, goals can either be a short term or long term. I suggest to start on a short term goal for you to immediately know the power of saving. My first short term goal is to buy a decent camera which cost 0, a bit expensive. I am a college student by that time, knowing how expensive to study in a university its quite hard to save but with concrete goal you can make it.

2. Start Small. Big goals begin with small steps. In everything we do we start from small things that will serve as the foundation for a bigger ones. My first month of saving gives me which is very small as my goal is to earn 0. I motivate myself that this a month overtime will make a difference.

3. Delayed Gratification. "The longer you wait for something, the more you'll appreciate it when you get, cause anything worth having is definitely worth waiting..". We must learn how to wait because in this world there's no instant, even instant noodles is not instant you still need to wait for 5-15 minutes before you able to eat it. Like me it took more than a year before I have my first decent camera. I will tell you its worth the wait!

4. Pay off your smallest debt. It's a great idea to save but it's more peaceful to your mind if you have no outstanding debts. I first start paying off the smallest debt I have before those bigger ones. To proceed with paying your debts make a complete list of all your debts and focus on those smaller ones as it's easier to settle down. Stop creating new debts considering that you still have outstanding debts, be responsible to all your responsibilities and actions.

"Im suggesting to you that the time has come today to say,' 
We need to start saving"